Celia Cruz — Sinfónica


Brand Concept Sheet and Identity development.

— Versal
Project Team
  • Abel FerroProject Manager, Graphic and Web Designer
  • Marietta GonzalezContent and Account Manager
  • Darlyn Sanchez Graphic Designer and Web Content Manager
  • Leonardo Leon Graphic and Web Designer
  • Laura Valdes Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Branding, Merchandise, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Billboard Exhibit, and Website development for the Celia Cruz Brand and Store. Celia Cruz was VERSAL first client, and the development of the Celia Cruz store was a stepping stone in the agency’s life. Celia was central to the creation of Salsa. Music historians confirm she is the genre’s most iconic performer. Over her brilliant 50-year career, Celia’s music captured the unique vibrancy and magic of Latin music and won the hearts of millions across the globe. We are very proud of our work with the legacy of Celia and with Omer Pardillo-Cid who gave us the opportunity to lead an exhibition of posters inspired by the iconic singer. This exhibit was a compilation of billboards developed by 20 designers of the world, inspired by Celia’s legacy. We had the opportunity to create a new brand and products that continue sharing her cultural values with the world through Celia’s platform. Versal was also in charge of developing the Celia Cruz online store, redesign the website and developing the first collection of store products inspired by the personality and customs of the singer.

— Versal
— Versal