DECO Champions — Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Campaign: Digital Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Video & Photography, Advertising Campaigns, Social Media Management, Email Marketing.

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Project Team
  • Abel FerroProject Manager, Photography, and Graphic Designer
  • Marietta GonzalezAccount and Content Manager
  • Leonardo Leon Graphic Designer
  • Gaby Pais Marketing Content Consultan
  • Darlyn Sanchez Graphic Designer

Our team developed a digital marketing strategy and its implementation, managing the content in social networks, as well as making advertising campaigns in social media and in Google, e-mail marketing and optimizing all resources for a better result of product expansion DECO Champions. Deco USA is a Real Estate business that takes a unique approach to invest in real estate, leveraging the assets to secure both EB-5 visas and solid returns on investment. Working with DECO USA meant developing a group of design services for several of their products. Starting with the DECO USA brand, we developed an identity and website adjustments, as well as SEO optimization and website redesign. Our team also worked on video and photography to communicate the general brand mission, as well as their specific real estate products. One of those products was DECO CHAMPIONS, for which we created and developed an integrated Marketing plan and campaign, combined with full design services that included graphic designs for digital marketing products. We also developed full-service design and marketing for DECO LANDMARK and DECO RE - other products inside the DECO USA family-.

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