Tiniciti — Lily Botarga

Graphic Design

Uniforms Design Services: Design, Print, Online Orders, Labeled, Packing Services, Logistics, and Related Services.

— Versal
Project Team
  • Abel FerroProject Manager, Graphic Designer
  • Marietta GonzalezContent Manager
  • Leonardo LeonGraphic Designer

School Branding, merchandise & other graphic designs; web design, e-commerce, and book design promoted through digital marketing development for the school store. The most important work with Tiniciti was the development of 9 school books (including content and books design) in a two years period. Tiniciti reflects the passion and expertise in modern educational programs to offer families a customized approach to early learning. As our design team learned from the school mission and values, we fell in love with a very sensitive and rich world in the design field for schools. The goal of our team was to capture the essence of a school focused on reflective learning. The branding work pushed the inner child of our team members, and the merchandise and other graphics development challenged us to think outside the box for a formative and conscious graphic communication. Regarding the website and store development, our goal was to make it as friendly and smart as possible, developing an easy-to-interact platform for families and teachers. There is no doubt that our biggest pride are the nine books we developed for the school. That editorial work pushed our team beyond design and content development, to integrate and develop multiple intelligences through the implementation of a variety of learning processes.

— Versal