US MRKT — Motion Graphic Sales Associate

Motion Graphic Design

Motion Graphic Design: Graphic style, Stock Illustration Characters, Pitch, Script, Storyboard, Logo Animation, and 2D Animation.

Project Team
  • Abel Ferro Project Manager
  • Marietta Gonzalez Account and Content Manager
  • Yesser Caraballo Motion Graphic Designer
  • Carlos Suarez- Murias Graphic Designer and Illustrator
  • Gaby Pais Copywriting Content Consultan

US MRKT has created not only a digital marketplace but also a means of triggering awareness and sales through its "sales associate" network. The Sales Associates are a diverse, multilingual group of motivated people from all over the world, adept at using social media, who by using the US MRKT platform, inform the public of US MRKT products and services found at their platform. Our team’s challenge with US MRKT request was to develop, from start to end, all the design needs of the brand. This work included collaborating with Indian developers to assemble the design and programming of the US MRKT application. Our versatile thinkers also delivered a full-service work to the company, including the development of their website, marketing actions, and motion graphics to share the functionality of the platform. The US MRKT product was fully developed by VERSAL, in collaboration with programmers from India to deliver a completely functioning app. This project included branding development, graphic design, UI/UX design, Web Design, Motion Graphics, as well as Digital marketing plan and development.